Jose Veguilla, CPA

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Kevin P Martin & Associates PC

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Kevin P Martin & Associates PC


I believe...
-Business owners shouldn't focus on the application of technical accounting principles
-Owners should focus on efficiently manage their operations
-Education, training and relevant experience in accounting are the pillars for a great advisory practice

As a CPA...
-I help clients grow their businesses in a sustainable manner by providing expert accounting, tax and financial consulting services

As a CVA...
-I objectively assess the value of businesses or assets for determining sale value, establishing ownership and/or assisting in divorce proceedings

My background includes...
-Experience in a Big Four environment with exposure to public companies
-Education in Finance and Investment Banking from a top rated business school program
-Apprenticeship at different corporate finance roles
-Personal interest training in Business Valuation
-Experience in running an advisory practice providing business consulting services to non-public companies

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