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I love helping businesses grow. I want to be your most trusted business adviser. I want to simplify and automate your bookkeeping and office processes. I want to help you analyze your history and project your future through your financials. Numbers speak. I also love taking the chaotic entrepreneur's office and giving it order.

At Gannon CPA, LLC we believe the entrepreneur is the strength of any community. We believe if businesses succeed, their communities will thrive as a result. If a business succeeds, it not only makes money but gives back to its clients, employees and community. Our mission is to partner with businesses to guide their growth using our financial, management and technological skills to assist in the entrepreneur's success.

We achieve our mission when we deliver professional, quality and valuable service to our clients. We provide CFO and management consultative services; deliver efficient back-end accounting support; provide financial statements and tax services. We strive for the experience to be valuable for our clients beyond just compliant.

We provide these services in a digital environment, which allows us to work collaboratively and fosters a deeper relationship while providing relevant, valuable, real-time information to our clients. We believe in using the latest available technologies and automation.

By providing these high level services, our clients are allowed to focus their time and energy on their business, enabling them to develop, grow and succeed.
Industries: Professional services, medical service providers, franchisees, real estate, closely and/or family held companies.

Services: Management advisory services, financial statements (reviewed and compiled) and taxes