COVID-19 College Faculty Resources & Information

By Hannah Naranjo posted 04-14-2020 00:00


Webinars & Trainings

  • Title: Moving Your Managerial Accounting Course Online
  • Cost: Free
  • Title: Transformation in a Time of Crisis: Changing Course Venues in Midstream
  • Cost: Free
  • Faculty Training: Best Practices for Effective Online Instruction
  • Cost: Free through June 30, 2020

 Articles & Blog Posts

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Incorporating Artificial Intelligence

MindBridge Ai is the global leader in applying machine learning and artificial intelligence to financial data analysis. The MindBridge Ai Auditor platform is an intuitive platform that empowers auditors to analyze financial data more efficiently, while augmenting human capacity to uncover errors and intentional misstatements in the data. Suddenly, large scale financial data can be analyzed rapidly and in entirety, providing reliable insights to auditors, so they can focus on helping to guide their clients to success.

A free case study can be accessed here

Please opt to request more information if you are interested in joining the Mindbridge University program to gain access to additional presentation materials that will introduce your students to the concept of artificial intelligence via a cloud-based platform.

Information for CPA Exam Candidates

CPA Exam Notice to Schedule (NTS)

The Massachusetts Board of Public Accountancy Massachusetts has agreed to extend NTS for CPA candidates scheduled between April 1, 2020 and June 30, 2020 until September 30, 2020. We will share the official statement when it is released.

The 18-Month Testing Window

NASBA has every intention of supporting CPA candidates during this difficult time. So, CPA Exam credit extensions will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please contact NASBA directly with questions. 

Prometric Testing Centers

Prometric currently anticipates re-opening their testing centers by April 15, however this is dependent on COVID-19 circumstances that are changing daily.

Prometric is reaching out to all CPA candidates who had CPA Exams scheduled between April 1, 2020 and April 15, 2020 to reschedule, at no cost to the candidate.

CPA candidates will not have to pay rescheduling fees to Prometric during this time.

Pass/Fail Courses for CPA Educational Requirements in Massachusetts

The Massachusetts State Board of Public Accountancy accepts pass/fail grades provided that they are listed on an official transcript from an accredited school and that credit hours received for the course will be listed as well. 

For additional information, helpful toolkits and resource links, please visit our Coronavirus Resource Center.