March is Industry Month!

By Amy Pitter posted 02-26-2021 00:00


We have over 1,000 members of the Society who are corporate financial professionals who serve in a range of industries—from financial services to retail to manufacturing and more. You make up 13% of our membership and are vital to our continued vitality as an organization. Since I started here, one of my personal goals is for your membership to be as integral to your professional lives and contribute as much to your professional success as it is for our members in public accounting.  

So, we are dedicating this month to you! Our first-ever Industry Month takes place in March. We are using this time to focus on you, your benefits and your education. If there is anything we can do to improve your membership experience, please let me know personally—I am passionate about this! 

If you’re looking for ways to grow in your unique role, the MSCPA offers industry-specific benefits that will keep you connected and supported, especially during uncertain times. A few perks are:  

  • HR Hotline—Contact our HR expert for free, private consultations on your most complex HR issues—this is one of our most popular benefits! To learn more, please contact Kara Kieran.
  • Free CPE Webinars—Learn and earn CPE credits at no cost! We’ve offered several free CPE webinars for industry professionals on Paycheck Protection Program loan forgiveness, long-term planning with small business owners, the CARES Act and more. To learn more, please contact Katlyn Ribeiro.
  • New to Industry Roundtables—Network with your industry peers, get answers to some of your most pressing questions and see how the MSCPA can help you as an industry professional. Our next roundtable will be on Tuesday, March 23. To learn more, please contact Jill Foley.
  • CPE Tracker—Free to members, the Tracker automatically records CPE taken with the MSCPA. And, you can input any third-party CPE and easily save as a PDF for reporting to the Board of Public Accountancy. To learn more, please contact Katlyn Ribeiro.
  • The HUB—Visit our online community where you can post questions and get answers and advice on issues that matter to you. To learn more, please contact Kara Kieran.

As you can see, we have a lot of member benefits geared toward corporate financial professionals. So, let’s celebrate our new Industry Month together!