Suggestions for Working on Your Business This Fall

By Amy Pitter posted 09-06-2019 00:00


It was in the low 60s when I left the house this morning, so I think summer is really over! That means we are all back to the whirlwind of activity that characterizes our profession – as we like to say... it's always the 15th of something. We are all challenged by the dual pressures of working both in and on our business. 

I have two suggestions for working on your business that you can start this fall. The first is to attend the New England Practice Management (MAP) Conference at Foxwoods in November. It's filled with great speakers who will share ideas for how to make the changes that will lead to new successes for your firm, and it's packed with networking opportunities for firm leaders. For details and to register, click here. You can also preview our list to see who's already registered here.

Secondly, I would love to visit your firm this fall. I'll share what's new in the profession and give insight on how firms, colleges and universities and the AICPA are dealing with the top two issues facing CPA firms - technology and staffing. This visit is also an opportunity to meet your staff and share how they can make the most of their MSCPA memberships and maximize their professional development. Firm visits typically last an hour and are eligible for one CPE credit. In the last year, we've been all over the state, and I'd love to visit your firm this fall. To schedule your visit, please contact me at