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    My partner and I have heard nothing but good things about Drake software over the last few years. We currently use Ultra-Tax and very much appreciate the integration from their Creative (Trial Balance) Solutions module into the tax program and ultimately ...

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    The 2018 PCPS/CPA.com National MAP Survey is now live! Participate in this survey and see how your firm stacks up with the rest of the profession. The newly redesigned survey analyzes everything from your firm's profitability, to billing rates, to salaries ...

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    ​Roy: from your posting, they're not challenging her ability to file as HOH (yet).  If that's the case, it's likely an earlier year liability from a joint return, in which case your only avenue is innocent/non-responsible spouse. Hope this helps! Mark ...

MSCPA CEO Blog: Amy's Angle

  • Things are changing quickly in our profession and we are always looking for ways to support our members through these complex times. One way we do this is by visiting firms to talk about trends in the profession, what’s new on the hill and how members can take advantage of our offerings to be better equipped to succeed, both in their careers and the profession. The agenda for each visit is tailored to the unique needs of the firm, and they last an hour and are eligible for one CPE credit. In the last year, we’ve been all over the state, and I’d love to visit your firm this spring. To schedule your visit, please contact me at apitter@mscpaonline.org .

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