Important Notice: Be Cautious of Fake Emails and Phishing Scams

By Amy Pitter posted 03-09-2018 11:12

The IRS is warning taxpayers and CPAs to watch out for fake emails or websites looking to steal personal information. These phishing schemes are on the rise, and scam artists are becoming more skilled in their attempts to target not only taxpayers, but also tax professionals, payroll professionals, human resources personnel and schools. 
Criminals go to great lengths to create websites and emails that appear legitimate, so even the most cautious person could fall victim to these attempts. Phishing emails are most common, with criminals posing as a person or organization the taxpayer trusts and recognizes. Taxpayers should be advised to avoid clicking on web links claiming to be from the IRS, or providing personal information to anyone unexpected. This week, the MSCPA learned of an email attempt where some members received an email from me asking for their personal cell phone number. The email came from my name, but the email address was not from If you received this email, please delete it. It is a scam.
Together with state tax agencies, the IRS launched a public awareness campaign called “
Protect Your Client; Protect Yourself” to warn tax professionals, offer tips and compile alerts. For more information on these scams and how to protect yourself and your clients, visit the IRS’s website